Meet the Team

  • Greg

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Greg began smqueue with the mission to develop a smarter way to use social media.

  • Kris

    Chief Technical Officer

    Kris is a hacker extraordinaire, responsible for ops, metrics and everything else.

  • Gulshan

    Chief of Engineering

    Gulshan heads the design development, ensuring everything is shiny and user-friendly.

  • Glenn

    Director and Chief Finance Officer

    With a full knowledge of international accounting, Glenn keeps the wheels turning.

  • Deepak

    Front End and CSS Specialist

    Deepak immerses himself in code so all buttons/extensions behave like good children.

  • Amanda

    Graphic and Content Guru

    Amanda creates beautiful things to make smqueue easy on the eye.

  • Stephanie

    Community Champion

    Stephanie endeavors to wrap the world in a warm and fuzzy smqueue blanket.

  • Saket

    Server Ninja

    Saket is the master of the servers. He is fully focused on our members security and contacts within smqueue.

  • You!

    being part of a team moving forward